Sheikra Busch Gardens, Florida


So last August (2011) I went to Florida.  While I was there I went Busch Gardens (which was AMAZING) and I went on this beast (and for the record, I HATE rollercoasters, but I thought, When In America..), so I went on it. Well, I was so shocked at myself and somewhat proud (haha) I had to take a pic.  This pic was a quick snapshot as I was walking past it, not really paying attention to how ‘good’ I shot it.  Well, I looked back at it and actually amazed myself.  I’m no Photographer and this isn’t the best ‘Photography’, but I thought for what I was working with, (some compact camera thing) the result was really good! Good angle and everything.. 


Martial Arts Magazine

Project: Typographic Magazine

Brief: I had to create a Magazine

Year: National Diploma 2nd Year 2009/2010


I looked into a lot of Martial Art Magazines and noticed how tacky and full of colour (and not in a good way) they all are and I don’t like tack, so I decided to make a clean, simplistic & sophisticated Martial Arts Magazine.Image


Project: National Diploma Final Major

Brief: Self Negotiated Project

Year: National Diploma 2nd Year 2010

So for my FMP i decided to base it on 2 things i like, Tang Soo Do and Layout.  The final outcome I produced was a book about the basics of Tang Soo Do, so like a beginners guide.  Within the book I went through order of the belts and what each belt meant.  Also, what was taught at each belt and Korean to English Terminology. 

ImageThis ^ is a page from my book. To make the pages more interesting, i decided to incorporate Photography and place the belts in interesting ways, then add a slight effect to them to add depth.ImageThis ^ was also another piece of Photography I did and decided that i wanted the image distorted enough so you cant see features.


Project: Information Design

Brief: To create a piece of Information Design in the form of a poster, booklet, leaflet etc.

Year: National Diploma 2nd Year 2009/2010

I choose to inform people of Stars, then produce it as a booklet.


Public Awareness

Project: Public Awareness

Brief: I had to choose an issue whether it be bullying, homelessness, sexual awareness etc, and create a poster or leaflet to make people aware of my chosen subject.

Year: National Diploma 2008/2009

I choose AIDS. My AIDS campaign is about making people aware that AIDS is common and not just in gay men. So to show this I made it about 1 girl who basicially sleeps around and then sleeps with a guy who has AIDS but luckily enough they were protected, that’s why its in red, with the slogan ‘Ain’t she lucky’.

I didn’t want just a bog standard leaflet, so i decided i would concertina my leaflet, just to make it a little more interesting. Plus i also did it to unfold and show the journey of the girl.


Amy Winehouse 1-2-1

For this project we had to pick a famous person then create a Magazine Article Spread about them.

Project: 1-2-1

Year: National Diploma – 1st Year (2008)

Brief: To choose a celebrity/famous person and create a magazine articial spread as if we interviewed them.

So I Choose Amy Winehouse, and chose to use ‘Once it was so right” & ‘Not F*ck myself in the head with stupid men’ as pull quotes because i felt this pretty much summed up her music and life at the time.